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[Article with image]Ascentage Pharma Wins the Team Award at the First Innovation Evaluation Activity    Hot     ★★★
Ascentage Pharma Wins the Team Award at the First Innovation Evaluation Activity

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 Recently, Ascentage Pharma, a company settled in CMC, brought good news! The company's Internationally Original Action Mechanism-Based Anti-tumor Drug R&D Team led by Dr. Yang Dajun stood out at the first Innovation Evaluation Activity of Jiangsu Province and won the Team Award. A total of 10 teams across the province won this award and only one was from Taizhou. Ascentage Pharma was also the only bio-pharmaceutical company across the province to win this award.

Ascentage Pharma's Internationally Original Action Mechanism-Based Anti-tumor Drug R&D Team was set up in May 2009 with the company's Chairman and CEO Dr. Yang Dajun as the leader and now has 120 members. The team carries out design, research and development of internationally original action mechanism-based anti-tumor drugs with the support of Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Drug Design and Optimization and the "Corporate Original Drug Incubation Base" of the National Major Scientific and Technological Special Project for Significant New Drugs Development. The team has completed a strategic product layout in three therapeutic fields: tumor, hepatitis B and aging-related diseases. The team is internationally among the first to enter the R&D field of new target small molecule inhibitors via regulation of apoptosis and autophagy. The team holds an international leading position in the protein-protein interaction drug design field in terms of technology and has more than 100 domestic and foreign invention patents. Three members of the team have been enlisted in the Recruitment Program of Global Experts by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee. Dr. Yang Dajun and Dr. Guoming were consecutively awarded the China Overseas Chinese Contribution Award (Innovative Talent category) by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. In 2011, the team was selected as the Scientific and Technological Innovation Team of Jiangsu Province and the Key Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurial Team of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council.

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