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[Article with image]Key Product of Huaweite - "Hualankang" Officially Launched    Hot     ★★★
Key Product of Huaweite - "Hualankang" Officially Launched

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 On June 20, Huaweite (Jiangsu) Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Huaweite), an enterprise settled in CMC, held a new product conference to officially launch "Hualankang", a core vaccine product independently developed by the company.

"Hualankang" is the world's first veterinary drug produced with suspension culture process. The new drug has independent intellectual property rights and is used to prevent against highly pathogenic porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (commonly known as PRRS). The drug obtained a Category III new veterinary drug certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture in March 2016 and production approval from the Ministry of Agriculture in April 2017. The product has obtained an invention patent from China and other countries such as the United States and has been recognized as a new and high-tech product by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province.

Dr. Wu Hua, Huaweite's President and an expert of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, summarized the features of "Hualankang" as five "truly": no immunosuppression-truly non-toxic, fast immune response - truly efficacious, no toxin dispersion - truly safe, suspension culture - truly effective, and heat-resisting protection - truly stable. "This key product is comparable with any PRRS vaccine in the market." Wu Hua said confidently. Due to protection of this star product, Huaweite didn't transfer the product technology to other companies, but decided to produce on its own. The sales of the product are expected to exceed 30 million yuan this year. After reaching full production capacity, the product will generate sales of no less than 50 million yuan every year.

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