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CMC Signs a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the British Tradeco Group           ★★★
CMC Signs a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the British Tradeco Group

Author:CMC Article source:CMC Click the number:355 Update time:2017-8-28 9:14:13

On the morning of March 27, CMC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the British Tradeco Group to jointly promote the development of the big health industry.

In recent years, the British Tradeco Group, co-founded by Global 500 Ashland and an international consortium, has established a wide presence in the high-end rehabilitation & pension industry and has built healthy pension and rehabilitation projects in many European countries. Currently, the company is planning to implement a new strategy in China.

According to the agreement, CMC and Tradeco Group will co-build a world-class elderly nursing and rehabilitation display center. Tradeco Group will bring Europe's high-end rehabilitation facilities and functional layout into CMC for display. The two parties will also introduce the concept of international high-end care and establish a professional elderly nursing talent training base in CMC. In addition, the two parties will cooperate with European professional pension institutions to train and provide professional nursing personnel for CMC, and timely launch rehabilitation and pension projects in the rehabilitation and healthcare area of CMC.

As a national medical high-tech zone, CMC is focusing on developing the big health industry that integrates medical treatment, medicine, pension and tourism, accelerating integrated development of "research + production ", " medicine + diagnosis", "medical treatment + pension" and "pension + culture", promoting the in-depth integration of characteristic medical diagnosis, traditional Chinese medicine & health care and healthy pension, and creating a complete big health industry chain, and has achieved remarkable results in these areas. Recently, a rehabilitation and pension area with a planned area of 4 square kilometers will soon be built on a large scale. CMC's cooperation with the British Tradeco Group will effectively boost its big health industry.

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