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CMC Signs a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with JD.com           ★★★
CMC Signs a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with JD.com

Author:CMC Article source:CMC Click the number:460 Update time:2017-8-28 9:21:14

Soon, Taizhou residents can not only enjoy a new medical treatment experience brought by "intelligent hospitals", but will become the first users of online medical insurance payment through e-commerce platforms. On August 3, CMC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with JD.com, under which the two parties will cooperate in areas including modern medicine circulation system, intelligent medical treatment and modern medical e-commerce to promote the "Internet plus"-based medical reform and jointly create a "Taizhou model" of medical reform.

In recent years, as China has continuously deepened a new round of medical reform, the issue of "difficulty and high cost of getting medical services" has been eased to some extent, but is still far from meeting the people's expectations. Issues such as uneven distribution of medical services and excessively high drug prices have been repeatedly criticized. At present, "Internet plus"-driven medical system reform has been regarded by the industry as an important direction of medical reform. JD.com has selected Taizhou Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital as the first pilot "intelligent hospital" to achieve the new model of "hospital + Internet" through the support of advanced technologies such as cloud computing and big data. With this model, residents can enjoy comprehensive medical service including online booking and registration, online simple outpatient service, online payment, prescription circulation, drug purchase and delivery via the Internet without leaving their home. The prescription circulation platform established by JD.com for our city will integrate the information systems of hospitals at all levels and designated retail pharmacies for medical insurance. The platform enables patients to choose from "self pick-up at the store" and "door-to-door delivery service" when buying drugs from retail pharmacies, thus offering convenient drug purchase service characterized by "online booking and self pick-up or door-to-door delivery". This model can help to achieve the "separation of dispensing from prescription".

After JD.com integrates its system and our city's medical insurance system, patients can conveniently make online medical insurance payments by binding their medical insurance accounts to the system. "Intelligent hospitals" can reduce hospitals' operating costs, optimize the allocation of high-quality medical resources, and help to actively explore the classification of medical treatment. The "external prescription dispensing" program carried out through the "prescription circulation platform" will promote retail pharmacies to legally and compliantly sell prescription drugs, make the competition more creative and further benefit the people.

As a leading medical e-commerce provider, JD.com will establish a modern medicine circulation system in Taizhou based on its technical advantages and warehousing and distribution service and Taizhou's pharmaceutical industry and regional advantages. JD.com will widely use Internet of things, unmanned intelligent logistics technology and cloud computing technology to build the most advanced modern pharmaceutical warehousing and logistics center in China and carry out online and offline pharmaceutical distribution and third-party pharmaceutical logistics and other services. Taizhou's pharmaceutical enterprises can use this platform to better serve the national market. In addition, JD.com will set up a drug retail company in Taizhou to build an "Internet pharmacy store" for grass-root medical institutions and effectively solve their problem of incomplete drug classification.

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