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Huafukang Biotechnology’s Project Settled in CMC           ★★★
Huafukang Biotechnology’s Project Settled in CMC

Author:CMC Article source:CMC Click the number:347 Update time:2017-8-28 9:23:42

On August 2, the "R&D and production base of experimental animals and related products" project (hereinafter the "Project") of Beijing Huafukang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Huafukang Biotechnology) was settled in CMC.

Huafukang Biotechnology plans to set up Jiangsu Huafukang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in CMC with an investment of RMB 490 million. The Project covers a total floor area of 70,000 square meters and will be implemented in three phases. In Phase I, an experimental animal and feed R&D and production base and an experimental animal source center will be built for the R&D and production of medical laboratory animals such as large and small mice and animal models, and are expected to be completed by the end of next year. In Phase II, a technical service platform for animal experiments will be established based on technical advantages of the Taizhou branch of the Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to serve enterprises in CMC as its 17th public technical service platform. In Phase III, a R&D and production base of animal experiment-related products such as instruments and equipment will be set up. Upon its completion, the Project will produce more than 3 million experimental animals without specific pathogens and more than 5000 tons of feed for experimental animals every year. The Project is expected to generate an annual revenue of RMB 564 million after full-load operation.

Huafukang Biotechnology is a leader in the domestic experimental animal field. The company is jointly built by Colab Biotech (Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences), and Beijing Changxin State-owned Assets Investment & Management Company based on technical resources of the Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences and the Comparative Medical Center of Peking Union Medical College. It is committed to building China's leading experimental animal and feed R&D and supply base in line with international standards. The company is a national high-tech enterprise and the undertaker of the "experimental rodent R&D platform construction" project under the national "12th Five-Year" Major New Drug Innovation Program.

In the field of life sciences, experimental animals act as substitutes for human beings. They are one of the supporting factors for life science research. Many important scientific research achievements have been derived from experimental animals in history. In the process of new drug R&D, researchers will produce animal models similar to human diseases based on the similarity between different experimental animals and human body in terms of certain structures, functions, metabolism, and disease characteristics so as to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the drugs. With the rapid development of China's bio-pharmaceutical industry, the demand for high-quality and standardized experimental animals is increasing rapidly, with a quite broad market prospect.

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