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AstraZeneca's Crestor Officially Exported to Europe    Hot     ★★★
AstraZeneca's Crestor Officially Exported to Europe

Author:CMC Article source:CMC Click the number:541 Update time:2017-8-28 9:25:13

On August 4, a launch ceremony for the export of Crestor to Europe was held in AstraZeneca's Taizhou supply base, marking a new benchmark for accelerated industrialization of China Medical City (CMC).

As a Global 500 biopharmaceutical giant, AstraZeneca settled in CMC in 2012 to build its largest single investment project in China. After 5 years of efforts, the three phases of the project have all been completed, with a total investment of over USD 300 million. Since put into operation in early 2014, AstraZeneca's Taizhou supply base has consecutively launched important products such as Betocloc, Plendil and Crestor and has become AstraZeneca's key manufacturing base in Asia Pacific and a crucial part of its supply chain. The rapid growth of AstraZeneca's Taizhou supply base fully demonstrates the increasing optimization of CMC's industrialization environment.

The Crestor project of AstraZeneca Taizhou supply base was launched in 2014 with a total investment of USD 55 million and an annual output of 1 billion pieces. In July last year, Crestor was officially put into production and launched in the Chinese market. Meanwhile, the Phase III Crestor export project of the Taizhou supply base has been accelerated. Currently, the first batch of Crestor produced by the Taizhou supply base has been shipped to Europe, marking its entry into a new stage of globalized development to benefit more patients.
Crestor is mainly used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases as it can lower high blood fat and cholesterol. It plays a vital role in AstraZeneca's global market with it sales ranking top 3. Crestor is also the second most-sold product of AstraZeneca China as well as AstraZeneca's top-selling tablet drug.

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