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Xinlikang Successfully Acquires the American OptMed           ★★★
Xinlikang Successfully Acquires the American OptMed

Author:CMC Article source:CMC Click the number:450 Update time:2017-9-6 19:33:58

Recently, Jiangsu Xinlikang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (Xinlikang), a CMC enterprise, officially completed its acquisition of OptMed, an American bio-pharmaceutical company. OptMed is focused on postoperative adhesive products. The completion of this acquisition means that Xinlikang has officially become a high-tech enterprise with three technology platforms (degradable medical SGF production platform, extrusion-type limb pressure band production platform and postoperative adhesive product platform) and that the internationally-leading postoperative adhesive product - BoundEase will fully enter the Chinese market.

The American OptMed is a medical device company specialized in the R&D of medical and bio-compatible dressings. Headquartered in New York, OptMed mainly develops and sells professional health care products and provides wound repair solutions. Its postoperative adhesive products have occupied a leading position in the world.

OptMed's leading product is BondEase, a topical skin adhesive mainly used for surgical incisions and wound closure, as well as for chronic wound healing and senile skin avulsion. As an alternative to surgical sutures and suture needles, BondEase has gained the Food and Drug Administration's 510 (K) approval for launch. BondEase is a bio-compatible, topical skin adhesive that combines polymer technology with a new, user-friendly delivery device.

According to the agreement, Xinlikang has made equity investment in OptMed. The investment will be made in two installments and the first installment has been paid. In addition, Xinlikang has gained BondEase's exclusive distribution and marketing rights in China including Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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