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[Article with image]CMC to Commence another 20 Key Projects    Hot     ★★★
CMC to Commence another 20 Key Projects

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On the morning of July 4, CMC held a commencement ceremony for the second batch of 20 key projects in 2018. These projects have four characteristics:

First, high technology level. The projects that started construction today are all key projects and leading enterprises in pharmaceutical segments. They all belong to CMC's characteristic and advantageous industries, with innovation ability in the leading position at home and abroad.

Second, large scale and high quality. BioPerfectus Technologies' industrial park project in its headquarters in Taizhou, with an investment of RMB 738 million, will be mainly engaged in the R&D and production of diagnostic reagents and related supporting instruments. The Phase 1 project will be completed and put into production in 2020. Upon full completion, BioPerfectus Technologies is expected to produce 111 million testing reagents and 4,000 supporting testing instruments every year, with innovation ability and production capacity ranking among the first-tier companies in the domestic diagnostic reagent industry.

Third, breakthroughs in comprehensive health projects. The big data healthcare project with an investment of RMB 500 million aims to set up Taizhou Standard and Taizhou Model for big data healthcare. It will effectively promote the high-quality development of Taizhou's comprehensive health industry dominated by healthcare and medicine.
Forth, boosting sustained growth in foreign trade. After the completion of Sol-Millennium's RMB 100 million medical device production project and Jiangsu Delai Weishi Electric's USD 30 million medical-grade purification equipment production project, all the products manufactured will be exported, boosting sustained growth in CMC's foreign trade.

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