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[Group picture]CMC Signs Framework Agreement with    Hot     ★★★
CMC Signs Framework Agreement with Spain

Author:CMC Article source:CMC Click the number:1229 Update time:2018-5-30 22:28:00


 On May 29, Spain's Eurofund Group signed a cooperation framework agreement with CMC, planning to build a large-scale commercial and leisure tourism complex in CMC. Upon completion, the complex will be a new breakthrough in Taizhou's large-scale leisure complexes in terms of both quality and size.
The lake-centric project features a fashion area, a home area, a leisure area, a sports area, a restaurant area and hotels, with a pedestrian street surrounding the lake. The fashion area will consist of distinctive commercial buildings for world-class retailers. The home area will introduce high-end home brands like IKEA. In the sports area, consumers can experience rock climbing, skiing, surfing, flying and other sports. In the leisure area, a water theme park, a spa, roller coasters, an aquarium, and a virtual reality entertainment project, among others, may be provided. An adventure-oriented artificial island will be created for children at the center of the lake. Two hotels, including one high-end hotel, will be built. Disney Hotel may be brought in as a partner.

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